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Delhi Assembly Elections: Ballimaran Records Highest Voter Turnout at 71.6%, Delhi Cantt Lowest

On Saturday, about three areas together with big Muslim populations had listed highest turn-out till nighttime -- Mustafabad,'' Matia Mahal and also Seelampur.
Okhla constituency listed 58.84 percent commission.  Shaheen Bagh and also Jamia Nagar drop in Okhla meeting constituency, at which feverish polling experienced occurred until late day.

As stated by the statistics offered by Delhi CEO Ranbir Singh in a media conference in Sunday, best voter turn out was listed at Ballimaran in 71.6 percent commission.  The smallest turnout was enrolled at Delhi Cantonment constituency in 45.4 percent, according to the polling info.

The concluding voter turn out from the just-concluded Delhi surveys had been listed in 62.59 per penny, '' the officials mentioned.

Shaheen Bagh has become the epicentre of all anti-CAA protests at Delhi, managing over 50 occasions today.  Protesters had shot turns on polling afternoon on Saturday to throw votes to maintain the overtraining living.
But the closing amounts were being published and came on Sunday day.  The turn out from the 2015 Meeting polls climbed in 67.47 percent.

Seelampur constituency listed a turn out of 71.2 percent, as stated by the info.

New Delhi: Ballimaran constituency listed the maximum voter turn out of 71.6% one of the 70 meeting chairs at the federal funding, whereas Delhi Cantonment mentioned the back in polling percent, based to statistics contributed by authorities around Sunday.
Exit surveys on Saturday called a straightforward triumph to get its AAP, that hunted to maintain electricity on creation board, contrary to the BJP that conducted a competitive effort revolved round the topics of anti inflammatory CAA protests along with nationalism.

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