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Schools announce week-long holiday: Details Inside

Depending on Adek, the universities ought to inform parents, students and staff regarding the faculty calendar year.  The faculty days within a academic year shouldn't be greater than one hundred seventy five weeks and also the faculty times including exam needs to be 185 times.

"Every faculty has its own personal calendar and also a few elect to get a really good brief fracture in this age of the season.  It doesn't impact the college pupils' consequences or their operation", '' reported that a Arab every day quoting a documented out of Adek.
A few schools from Abu Dhabi has introduced that the holiday beginning with Saturday on February 1 3.  The vacation season is appropriate to schools who got blessings on the first day of the year.  It has been declared by As stated by this Abu Dhabi Division of Training and Learning and Expertise (Adek).

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